Name:Matej Kodrin
Date of birth:14. 12. 1990
Home:Ravne na KoroŠkem
Club/team:KK Frirajd KoroŠka
Time I spend on my bike:Uff, too much, because of that shool gets left behind :D
Occupation:Savage on Gim. Ravne
How and when did I start: For a few years I was lost, and didn`t know what to do, so I rode SKATE, BMX, but in the spring of 2005 I found the charm of Freeride. In 2006 I raced on one of the races of our nation cup and I placed 4th.
Bike/-s:INTENSE Uzzi VPX
Riding style: Freeride, Singeltrack, elements of Downhill
Favourite track:Bike park Pohorje, Freeride Prežihovina, track from Ošven to Ivarčko (under the chairlift), and many more.

Things I could never do!? Backwards crab walk:D
Hobbies:Freestyle snowboarding, climbing,...
Role model:Thomas Vanderham, Jared "Grubby" Graves