Name:Primož Gorenšek
Date of birth:18.5.1988
Home :Ravne na Koroškem
Club/team:MTB Koroška
Time i spend on my bike:Not as much, as I would like.
Occupation:Highschool student
How and when did I start:In 2001 I had got my first mountain bike, and my love to this sport grew and grew!
Kolo/kolesa:Giant AC 2005 that is being constantly upgraded.
Riding style:Everithing from uphill to downhill. I like long tours, and fast descends on narrow tracks.
Favourite tracks:I like downhill tracks from Uršlja mountain on ˝grofovska˝ or ˝železarska˝ track.
Things I was never good at!?:Biology
Hobbies:When I am not riding my bike, I am repairing it.
Role model:Don't have one